Red Carpet Subscription Vol. 1 2024

New Versions of IPWorks, SecureBlackbox, and IPWorks VoIP

The latest release of our signature Red Carpet Subscription is now available, featuring new product releases, updated components, performance and security improvements, and more.

SSH Terrapin Attack Mitigation

The SSH Terrapin attack is a recent vulnerability in the SSH protocol. All applicable products have been updated to enable Strict Key Exchange which mitigates this attack. Additional settings have also been introduced to allow further control over the mitigation strategy. Please see the Terrapin Attack Mitigation article for details.

IPWorks 2024

IPWorks 2024 betas are now available on all platforms. Updated components, new security features, and a streamlined developer experience make up the latest version of our flagship product. Major new features include:

  • Improved certificate chain validation support
  • C++ development experience updates
  • Updated TLS defaults to align with modern security standards
  • New CalDAV and WebDAV functionality
  • Improved cross-platform support

Please see the IPWorks 2024 updates page for additional details.

SecureBlackbox 2024

SecureBlackbox 2024 has been updated with new encryption and authentication functionality, making the latest betas the most complete version yet. Major new features include:

  • Large scale improvements in the AdES engine for PDF and XML signing
  • PGP version 6 support including EdDSA keys and AEAD encryption
  • Updated SAML flexibility and usability improvements
  • PRNG support for the industry-standard Fortuna algorithm
  • Integrated signing support for PKI Proxy

Please see the SecureBlackbox 2024 updates page for additional details.

IPWorks VoIP Now Shipping

IPWorks VoIP is a SIP toolkit for CTI applications, which includes the IPPhone component for handling inbound and outbound calls, audio conferencing, WAV file playback, and text-to-speech. The IVR component enables customized call routing and Interactive Voice Response applications. IPWorks VoIP is compatible with both on-premise and hosted SIP services. IPWorks VoIP includes the following features:

  • Standard Softphone Features (Call/Answer/Hangup/Hold/Transfer)
  • Custom IVR menus
  • Text-to-speech support
  • Call recording
  • Conference calls
  • SIPS (Secure SIP) and SRTP (Secure RTP) support
  • Advanced noise suppression
  • Streamlined, event-based audio playback

Additional Updates

Many improvements and features have been added across the board. Below are some of the additional updates available in this release:

  • New IPWorks DTLS toolkit
  • Full release of PKI Proxy
  • .NET 8 support
  • PHP 8.3 support
  • RAD Studio 12 support