Red Carpet Subscription Vol. 2 2024

Introducing Version 2024

We are pleased to announce our most comprehensive release in more than two years, complete with new components, across-the-board enhancements and major security updates. Please visit our download center to get the latest version of all products, or learn more about the 2024 release.

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IPWorks 2024 [Full Release]

The IPWorks 2024 update comes with new components and improvements to all products, including:

  • TLS enhancements across the board
  • New IPWorks DTLS toolkit and expanded DTLS support
  • New CardDAV component, and updated CalDAV and WebDAV components
  • PGP version 6 support
  • Updated Kerberos, OpenID, and SAML authentication

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SecureBlackbox 2024 [Full Release]

The SecureBlackbox 2024 release brings major improvements to PDF and XML signing and SAML Authentication. We have also added support for PGP version 6 across the board, PRNG support for the Fortuna algorithm, and support for PKI Proxy in all applicable components. Download SecureBlackbox 2024 or learn more.

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Cloud Identity [Beta]

We have released Cloud Identity, a new developer library for building SSO into applications. Easily enable users to log into your solution with Microsoft, Google, Okta, Twitter, Apple, GitHub and any other identity provider that supports SAML or OpenID Connect.

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IPWorks DTLS [Full Release]

We are pleased to release the new IPWorks DTLS toolkit, a simple, easy-to-use DTLS client and server library. Along with the new toolkit, we have also brought DTLS support to several existing IPWorks components, including: SNMP, RADIUS, and CoAP.

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IPWorks EDI is Drummond Certified

Once again, IPWorks EDI is Drummond-Certified for AS2 interoperability. We take pride in maintaining certification through every single testing cycle so you can trust IPWorks EDI is compatible with every other certified solution.

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Additional Updates

Version 2024 comes with many other enhancements:

  • IPWorks Encrypt includes Argon2 for password hashing, and OSDP for cross-platform data protection.
  • IPWorks EDI has been updated with ENTSOG v4 profile support in AS4 and also includes a new SFTPServer component.
  • IPWorks Auth includes expanded Kerberos support and updated OpenID options.
  • Cloud Storage includes simplified authentication, updated functionality for Azure and other providers, and additional configuration options.
  • Cloud Mail has been updated with support for listing and managing contacts in Office365 and Gmail, improved attachment handling, and simplified authentication.
  • All PHP editions have been updated with Foreign Function Interface (FFI) support, simplifying deployment by eliminating the need for a binary extension library.