Note: This article applies to AES Drive.


What is AES Drive?

AES Drive stores password protected and encrypted copies of your files in a location you specify on your computer. When AES Drive is running the storage location looks like an ordinary disk drive in Windows Explorer. The encryption is transpartent, so when using AES Drive you can double-click to open a file, or even see image thumbnails. You can open and save files directly to your AES Drive in an application's File menu, too. However, if you open the storage location directly, you'll see the encrypted files but they will be unusable unless accessed via AES Drive.

AES Drive works with hard disk drives as well as removable storage (such as USB thumb drives) and cloud storage services which store local copies of your files, such as OneDrive and DropBox. Encrypted files stored on removable storage or cloud storage can be accessed from any computer running the same version of AES Drive and with the same password configuration.

How does AES Drive differ from S3 Drive and SFTP Drive?

AES Drive encrypts files on your computer, while S3 Drive and SFTP Drive connect to either an S3-compatible service or an SFTP server. At this time, neither S3 Drive nor SFTP Drive encrypt files, that needs to be handled by a different process.

Is the Starter Edition license really free forever, and what can it be used for?

Yes! The Starter Edition license is a free single-user license, and allows for both Personal and Commercial Use of a set of basic features. The Starter Edition license is for a single user, and can be intalled on all the machines that user works on, for as long as you need it. We have other licenses with more advanced features, detailed in the AES Drive Feature Comparison page.

What is the difference between "configured drives" and "connected drives"?

A "configured drive" holds the connection details for a storage location, while a "connected drive" is running and usable. AES Drive can store multiple configurations, but with the Starter Edition license only one drive at a time can be connected. The Standard Edition and Professional Edition licenses allow you to have multiple drives running at the same time.

What operating systems do these work on?

AES Drive works on Windows only (at this time), and supports Windows 7 and newer.

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