S3 Drive Feature Comparison

S3 Drive provides access to different feature sets depending on the type of license. Paid licensing provides access to exclusive features that extend those of the free version. Below is a comparison of features offered by all license types.

Starter (Free) Professional Server
View any S3 service as a Local Drive
Configure Multiple Drives
Advanced Logging Capabilities
High Performance Caching Mechanisms
Import or Export Drive Settings
Handle Case-Sensitive Filenames
AWS Signature Version 4 Support
AWS Instance Metadata Service Authentication
AWS Credentials File Authentication
AWS Transfer Acceleration Support
Anonymous Authentication
Free Email Support
Run on ARM64 Windows
Cross-Platform Version
Run as a Windows Service
Command-Line Management
Shared Drive Management1
Isolated Drive Management2
FIPS 140-2 Support3
Run on a Windows Server
Number of Users 1 1 Unlimited
Number of Connected Drives 1 Unlimited Unlimited

1 Allows drives to be shared among all local users or only available to the current user.

2 Allows settings to be isolated to the local user. This mode interacts with Shared Drives as described here.

3 FIPS 140-2 support requires separate licensing. Please contact licensing@nsoftware.com for details.

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