FAQ: Are Starter Editions Really Free?

Applies to: SFTP Server, SFTP Drive, S3 Drive, AES Drive

Is the Starter Edition really free forever?
Yes, for you, fully functional, perpetually totally free for your personal or business use.

Is there any telemetry/monitoring, ads or adware also installed?
Nope, zip, zilch, nada. Other than a license check during installation there is no "phone home" or telemetry in any of our products. This makes their use in secure environments very palatable. Would be facetous to make security-focused products and then monitor. There is also nothing else in the installer--no adware, No ads will pop up to annoy you either.

But these are feature limited or disabled though?
No, these are all fully functional and suitable for a lot of use cases. There are some advanced features in the paid versions which take us longer to develop and test, or are useful only in a large enterprise. Every product has a feature comparison page if you want to look at these additional features.

But is this reg-ware?
Well, we do ask for your email when you install.

And you're going to send me a bunch of emails, right?
About 2 emails each year to annouce updates and new releases, and you can always unsubscribe. We never sell or share email lists.

This seems too good to be true, why are you giving this away?
Honestly, the most difficult part of selling software is just getting people to install and try our products. By giving something useful away we've crossed that mental boundary. You'll get something valuable to you, but also see how our products work. And when you need something else we make, hopefully you'll think of us.
Also, we're developers too, and we know there's nothing worse than a feature- or time-limited trial where you never really get to kick the tires. A free version is like a realy, really extended trial.

There has to be some limitation?!
Free meaning "gratis", not "libre". This software is meant for your own use. You can share this as a cool thing you found and link to our site, but do not claim the software as your own work and don't host downloads (enterprises wishing to install en masse via Software Center or host internally can discuss with sales). If someone else wants a copy, they should download from our site.

Can I call you if I need support?
Support for the free versions is email only.

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