S3 Drive Purchasing Options

Easily connect to any Amazon S3 compatible storage service via a local virtual drive. Browse and interact directly with your remote files without creating local copies. Map and mount Amazon buckets, Wasabi buckets, DigitalOcean Spaces, and much more.

FREE for Non-Commercial Use

S3 Drive is completely FREE for Non-Commercial use. Commercial use and/or any type of distribution requires a Commercial License. Please read the Licensing Agreement for details.


Small Business Licensing

One-time Fee. One year of upgrades and updates. Standard Support.

NBXF-A-01P S3 Drive 2020 Single User, Perpetual License
*Limited Time Special Offer
$49.00 $29 Add to Cart
NBXF-A-10P S3 Drive 202010 Users, Perpetual License $399 Add to Cart
NBXF-A-25P S3 Drive 202025 Users, Perpetual License $799 Add to Cart

Enterprise Licensing

Annual Subscription. Ongoing upgrades and updates. Enterprise support.

NBXF-A-100S S3 Drive 2020100 Users, Annual Subscription $2,999 Add to Cart
NBXF-A-250S S3 Drive 2020250 Users, Annual Subscription $5,999 Add to Cart
NBXF-A-RQ S3 Drive 2020Other Configurations, Subscription/Perpetual or OEM Licensing Request Quote