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  • What is SFTP Drive?
  • What is the difference between S3 Drive, AFTP Drive and AES Drive?
  • Is the Starter License really free forever, and what can it be used for?
  • What is the difference between "configured drives" and "connected drives"?
  • What is "Isolated Drive Management"?
  • What operating systems do these work on?
  • What is SFTP Drive?

    SFTP Drive is an STFP client which mounts the storage location as a local disk drive. This means you access your SFTP server through WindowsExplorer or an aplication's File menu, just like a regular drive--you read and write directy to and from your SFTP server. This is different than how some other SFTP client applications work.

    What is the difference between SFTP Drive, S3 Drive and AES Drive?

    SFTP Drive turns SFTP Server into a local disk drive. S3 Drive does the same, but for an S3 compatible service, and AES Drive encrypts files on your local drive.

    Is the Starter License really free forever, and what can it be used for?

    Yes! The Starter License is a free single-user license, and allows for both Personal and Commercial Use of a set of basic features. The Starter License is for a single user, and can be intalled on all the machines that user works on, for as long as you need it. We have other licenses with more advanced features, detailed in SFTP Drive Feature Comparison.

    What is the difference between "configured drives" and "connected drives"?

    A "configured drive" is the connection details for a storage location, while a "connected drive" is running and usable. SFTP Drive can store multiple configurations, but with the Starter License only one drive at a time can be connected. The Standard and Professional licenses allow you to have multiple drives running at the same time.

    What is "Isolated Drive Management"?

    Windows computers allow more than one user to log on, and some settings can be shared across all user profiles. Sharing configuration settings across all users is the default behavior for the Starter and Standard Licenses. The Professional License allows you to isolate drive configurations on a per-user basis for additional convenience and security.

    What operating systems does SFTP Drive work on?

    SFTP Drive is cross-platform and runs on Windows (7 and up) in addition to Linux and macOS. The Professional license adds support for Windows Server editions as well (2008 R2 and up).

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