LinkPoint Gateway (Also YourPay, FirstData)

How do I use the ICharge component with the LinkPoint (or YourPay or FirstData) gateway?

Date Entered: 1/7/2005    Last Updated: 03/03/2009

LinkPoint requires client authentication, and it provides you with a PEM file, which

which you can present as follows:

C# E-Payment V4:
      icharge.SSLCert = new Certificate(CertStoreTypes.cstPEMKeyFile, "c:\\myStore.pem", "password", "*");

C# E-Payment V3:
      icharge.SSLCertStoreType = IchargeSSLCertStoreTypes.sstPEMKey;
      icharge.SSLCertStore = "c:\\myStore.pem";
      icharge.SSLCertStorePassword = "password";
      icharge.SSLCertSubject = "*"; //This will pick up the first certificate in the store.

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