HTTP Post results in error "303 See Other"

When I post with HTTP (or WebForm, WebUpload, etc), I get an HTTP Protocol error "303 See Other".

Date Entered: 1/26/2005    Last Updated: 1/26/2005

This is a code from the server (which you should use standard error handling to trap) that means that the server response to your POST should be retrieved using a GET to a different URL. The URL that you should use will be found in the Location header, which you can get from the Header event of the component. For example:

Private Sub HTTP_Header(...)

If (e.Field.ToUpper() = "LOCATION") Then

newurl = e.Value

End If

End Sub



Catch ex1 as nsoftware.IPWorks.IPWorksException

If (ex1.Code = 303) Then


string postresponse = HTTP.TransferredData

End If

End Try

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