QuickBooks Integrator: I cannot Update

When I try to Update, I get error 20202 or 201: "Required field unspecified."

Date Entered: 2/4/2005    Last Updated: 2/4/2005

QuickBooks requires that you set an ID and an EditSequence for all modification requests. These fields are kept by QuickBooks internally, but you can query QuickBooks for them. The easiest way to do this for all entity objects (Customer, Vendor, Employee, Item, etc) is to use the GetByName method. After it returns, the object will be populated with the Id and EditSequence fields that are needed for modifications, and you'll only need to set those properties that need to be modified before performing the update. For transactions (like Bills and Invoices), you do not have a GetByName method, and you should use ObjSearch to issue the request and pass the resulting aggregate to an instance of the corresponding object.

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