QuickBooks Integrator: UK and International Editions

Do you support the UK Edition of QuickBooks, or other international QuickBooks Editions besides the US and Canadian Editions?

Date Entered: 2/4/2005    Last Updated: 2/4/2005

Unfortunately, we do not officially support the non-U.S., non-Canadian versions of QuickBooks as Intuit does not officially support qbXML for these editions. As Intuit does not publish the qbXML documentation for these editions, we have no way of knowing what is required by requests issued to these editions.

That said, as long as the localization does not significantly alter the qbXML layer, you should be able to perform most functionality with the components, as long as you set the QBXMLVersion to match the edition of QuickBooks that you wish to support (i.e. "UK2.0" for the UK edition, "OZ2.0" for the Australian edition).

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