SFTP: File is corrupted after transfer

Files uploaded via SFTP can be corrupted depending on the payload size.

Date Entered: 03/06/2008    Last Updated: 03/06/2008

While the SSH specification requires servers and clients to support SSH packets of at least 32000 bytes, some server implementations limit packet size to smaller values. With the approach below you can specify the maximum amount of data that can be put into an SFTP packet so that the product can communicate effectively with these servers.

In IPWorks SSH V7 this can be set by doing:


In IPWorks SSH V8 this can be set by doing:


In the SFTP BizTalk adapter or SSIS SFTP task this can be set by specifying the following as the value of the Other property:


Note that you may need to reduce this value even more depending on the server. You may also find that you are able to specify a higher value.

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