What's New in Cloud Storage Integrator 2016

Cloud Storage Integrator 2016 Change and Migration Guide

Date Entered: 03/17/2017    Last Updated: 04/06/2017

Cloud Storage Integrator 2016 brings some new features and changes. See below for the details, and be sure to check out the newly updated Getting Started With Cloud Storage Integrator article as well.

Google Drive Updates

Cloud Storage Integrator 2016 has been updated to use the Google Drive V3 API, and as such our API has undergone a few changes as well. The documentation has also been updated to reflect these changes as well, and should be consulted for details and examples. The table shows the various renames, removals, and additions to the API.

Cloud Storage Integrator V1Cloud Storage Integrator 2016
ResourceCreatedDate propertyResourceCreatedTime property
ResourceModifiedDate propertyResourceModifiedTime property
ResourceRestricted propertyResourceContentAccessible property
ResourceTitle propertyResourceName property
ResourceFormats property(removed)
ResourceETag property(removed)
PermissionAdditionalRoles property"Commenter" enum added to PermissionRole property
PermissionETag property(removed)
PermissionValue propertySplit into the PermissionEmail and PermissionDomain properties
(not present)PermissionAllowFileDiscovery property
Changes.Deleted fieldChanges.Removed field
Changes.Id field(removed)
(not present)Changes.Time field
ResourceParents.Root field(removed)
ResourceChildren.Link field(removed)
(not present)ResourceChildren.MIMEType field
(not present)ResourceChildren.Name field
ExportLinks method(Use the DownloadFile method)

The following changes have also been made:

  • The ResourceViewed property is now read-only
  • The DownloadFile method now takes a MIME Type string as its only parameter.
  • The UploadFile method now takes a MIME Type string in addition to a file name string as its parameters.
  • The ListChanges method's functionality has changed significantly in order to match changes made to the Google API
  • The parameters returned by the PermissionList, ChildList, ParentList, and ResourceList events have changed to match the changes to the rest of the API.

It is recommended to review the documentation for these changes.

Azure Blob Support Added

Cloud Storage Integrator 2016 has added support for the Microsoft Azure Blob Service with the new AzureBlob component. In addition, Azure Blob is now one of the supported service providers for the CloudStorage component. Be sure to check out the Getting Started article for more information.

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