NetDial Code Example: Create a VPN entry

You can use EntryDeviceType and EntryDeviceName when calling CreateEntry to create a VPN entry

Date Entered: 04/01/2008    Last Updated: 04/01/2008

By setting EntryDeviceType to "vpn" and EntryDeviceName to an appropriate value you can create a VPN entry. For instance:

netdial.PhonebookEntry = "My VPN Test";
netdial.EntryDeviceType = "vpn";
netdial.EntryDeviceName = "WAN Miniport (PPTP)";
netdial.EntryPhoneNumber = "IP address or hostname";
netdial.User = "my user";
netdial.Password = "my password";

Note that you can use the ListDevices method of the component to find available devices on the system.

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