Installing Certificates for a Service

How do I install a certificate for use by a windows service?

Date Entered: 4/30/2003    Last Updated: 4/30/2003

Installing Certificates for a Service:

In order to run as a Service you will first need to install a valid certificate with an exportable private key, on the local machine account.

The process for installing a certificate for a service is different then installing a certificate to the current user account. You cannot simply drag and drop the certificate from the current user to the

local user account or the private key of the certificate will not be accessible.

To install the certificate on the local machine follow these steps:

1. Run MMC

2. Goto Add/Remove Snap-In

3. Under the standalone tab click Add

Select Certificates and click Add

Select Computer Account and click Next

Select Local Computer and click Finish

4. Then click OK on the Add/Remove Snap-in Window

5. Goto Certificates (Local Computer)

Expand the Certificates Tree

Right-click Personal -> All Tasks -> Import

6. You should then be faced with the Certificate Import Wizard

Find the appropriate .PFX (certificate file) and follow the wizards instructions. Make sure to Mark the private key as exportable when prompted during the import.

After correctly installing the certificate on the local machine you should then be able to access the certificate in a service.

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