"Access Denied" to nsoftware.IPWorks

I am using the MX component in a .Net web application. When I attempt to load the project from the browser, I get a FileLoadException stating that: "Access is denied: 'nsoftware.IPWorks'".

Date Entered: 4/30/2003    Last Updated: 6/14/2004

Whatever user the web site is running under needs read AND write permissions on the "C:\winnt\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.0.3705\Temporary ASP.NET Files" folder. Without these permissions, the FileLoadException is thrown.

If you are not using impersonation, then the system's local ASPNET account is used as the account under which the web site runs.

If you ARE using impersonation, then the security context in your ASPX pages matches that user configured in IIS (by default IUSR_machinename). So, if you don't explicitly set the proper permissions on the "Temporary ASP.NET Files" folder for this user, the application will fail.

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