BizTalk: After changing the Log Location messages still appear in the Application event log

When updating the Transport Log Location to a new event log, messages may still appear in the Application event log.

Date Entered: 05/14/2015    Last Updated: 05/14/2015

When logging messages to the windows event log the source of the message is mapped by windows to a particular event log. This means that if you change the event log location from Application to another location, Windows will still map all future messages from the adapter to Application.

To reset the mapping done by Windows the machine must be restarted after setting the new Log Location. Note that the same event log must be used for all send ports and receive locations that use the same adapter.

This is a requirement of Windows, as stated here:

If a source has already been mapped to a log and you remap it to a new log, you must restart the computer for the changes to take effect.

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