Invalid Serial Number and Key Combination

I purchased the /n software Red Carpet Subscription, but it is giving me an "Invalid Serial Number and Key Combination" error when I try to download and install the products.

Date Entered: 5/25/2005    Last Updated: 09/28/2007

The Subscription Key and Access Code that you received in your /n software Red Carpet Subscription box will not work in older setup.exe's. if you download the latest from the website, it will work with those. .

if you want to generate unique product specific serial number and key paris, you must log in to the Subscription Manager and generate them from there.

The Subscription Manager allows you to do the following:

  • Generate license keys for each product contained in your subscription package.

  • Provides a direct download link for each software product.

  • Update your contact information. We use this data to make sure we are shipping our quarterly subscription updates to the correct location.

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