Change HTTP Version of the SOAP component

How can I change the HTTPVersion when using the SOAP control?

Date Entered: 6/5/2002    Last Updated: 6/4/2004

The V6 SOAP component allows you to change the HTTP Version in the Config method:

Alternatively, you can use the HTTP object as your transport - you inherit all of the abilities of HTTP to do things like set the http version etc. As you can see, the soap object is used in this case like a packet builder and evaluator. The HTTP object is used for transport:

 HTTP1.PostData = SOAP1.SOAPPacket 
 HTTP1.OtherHeaders = "SOAPAction: urn:xmethods-CurrencyExchange" 
 HTTP1.Post "" 
 SOAP1.SOAPPacket = HTTP1.TransferredData  

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