Install multiple versions

Can I install more than one version on my server?

Date Entered: 06/12/2007    Last Updated: 06/12/2007

Yes, you can install as many versions of the products as you like on the same machine. By default all products install into a version specific directly, for example, IPWorks v6 .Net Edition installs to "C:\Program Files\nsoftware\IPWorks v6 .Net Edition" and IPWorks v8 .Net Edition installs to "C:\Program Files\nsoftware\IPWorks v8 .Net Edition".

Special note for the ASP Editions:

By default, the classid for each component will point to the latest installed dll, however you can specify the version number in the classid when creating the object:

Set PTCharge1 = Server.CreateObject("IBizPtechASP3.PTCharge") Set PTCharge1 = Server.CreateObject("IBizPtechASP4.PTCharge")

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