The eVB Installation Wizard will not let me use the component!

The eVB Installation Wizard will not let me use the component! How do I solve this?

Date Entered: 6/17/2004    Last Updated: 6/17/2004

You can continue on with the Application Installation Wizard, and when it is finished, manually modify the .inf file that is created. For Example:

1. Work through the Application Installation Wizard, when it tells you the control is not registered on this machine, continue on.

2. The wizard will create a folder with the name of the processor you are working with, i.e. Arm, Mips, whatever. Copy the OCX (or dll) for each IPWorks component you are using to that folder. These OCX's are located in the IPWorks V5/wce300/arm, Mips, whatever folder.

3. Modify the .inf file to include the support files for your components (for example, the .inf file for Project1 would be Project1.inf). See more about this under "More info for step 3" below.

4. Rebuild the cab file using the instructions created by the install wizard in "readme.txt"

---- More info for step 3

Specifically, you'll need to modify three sections: CESelfRegister, SourceDisksFiles, and Files.processor (ie Files.Arm)

For example, if you were adding xmlp50.ocx and webfrm50.ocx to an ARM device (two controls used in the Nasdaq demo), here are the changes you would make (additions marked with *****)

[DefaultInstall.Arm 1100 (4K) v3.00]
CopyFiles=Files.Arm 1100 (4K) v3.00

[SourceDisksFiles.Arm 1100 (4K) v3.00]

[Files.Arm 1100 (4K) v3.00]

The Wizard prompted you for a folder to create the setup files in. After the Install is created, you'll need to copy the OCX's you used to the sub folder denoted by the processor type you are targeting, i.e. "\Arm 1100 (4K) v3.00"

Good luck, let us know if you have any more trouble.

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