Cannot Find Security Provider - Java

When running my Java application, I keep getting the error "Cannot Find Security Provider".

Date Entered: 6/17/2004    Last Updated: 6/17/2004

This error occurs when the JDK cannot find a security provider that is needed for SSL functionality. If you upgrade to JDK 1.4, you will not have this problem. With JDK 1.3, it is necessary to install JSSE 1.0. Installation of JSSE means more than just copying over the files. The JSSE zip comes with installation instructions, which you should consult, but the basics are as such (cut from the JSSE Installation instructions):

1) Download JSSE 1.0.3_03.

2) Uncompress and extract the downloaded file.

3) Install the JSSE jar files.

The JSSE lib subdirectory contains the extension files jsse.jar, jcert.jar, and jnet.jar. You can either install these files in the JDK/JRE ("installed extension") or bundle them with your applet or application ("bundled extension"). If you wish to install them as an installed extension, place them in the following directory:


4) Register the SunJSSE provider.

JSSE 1.0.3_03 comes standard with a Cryptographic Service Provider, or "provider" for short, named "SunJSSE". Although the "SunJSSE" provider is supplied with every JSSE 1.0.3_03 installation, it still needs to be configured explicitly, either statically or dynamically, before its services can be accessed.

Instructions for how to register the provider are included in the installation instructions.

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