Can I use the SSL Editions on Windows 9x?

Can I use the SSL Editions on Windows 9x? I am getting encryption errors when I try to.

Date Entered: 6/17/2004    Last Updated: 6/17/2004

IPWorks SSL makes use of the security libraries that come installed with Windows NT 4.0 SP4+ and Windows 2000.

In order to use the SSL components (other than HTTPS, which can be used without following these steps by setting the UseWininet property to true) in Win9x platforms or to avoid using wininet, You have to enable SSPI.

Here is a quick description iof the instructions that you need to follow.

1. Get the latest build of IPWorks SSL from

2. Install Internet Explorer 5.01 or later.

3. Install the Directory Services client for Windows 95/98. You must install the DSCLIENT.EXE file that can be found on the windows 2000 server CD. You can find this file at:


This updates several important pieces of the security subsystem.

4. The Registry must be updated. You need to add ", schannel.dll" to the end of the string found in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\SecurityProviders

For those of you new to editing the registry you can run regedit to modify the registry.

Also note that certificates used on Win95, 98, and NT must have the private key marked exportable.

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