SFTP: Server Error (2) No such file or File not found

This error can occur when the RemotePath specified does not exist on the server.

Date Entered: 06/17/2008    Last Updated: 06/17/2008

If you encounter this error when attempting to download a file, this could mean that the value specified for RemotePath does not exist on the server.

If the RemotePath starts with a "/", then it will be an absolute path. For instance: "/home/user/testdir".

If it does not start with a "/", then it will be relative to the current directory. For instance "testdir" would be equivalent to "/home/user/testdir" if the user's home directory is "/home/user".

If you want to specify the RemotePath as the current directory you log in to (that is your login directory) you should set the RemotePath to either the absolute path ("/home/user") or a "." indicating the current directory.

This error can also occur because the account you're connected with does not have read permission for the RemotePath in question.

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