Delphi: Using the components in a Delphi package

This can be achieved following the steps below.

Date Entered: 06/30/2009    Last Updated: 06/30/2009

It is possible to create a Delphi package that uses the IPWorks Components. To do so, you will need to make sure of two things.

First, the requires clause of the package source should NOT contain a reference to IPWorks If your requires clause has a line 'ipworks8', you should remove it to look like:


Second, you will need to remove the IPWorks Package from the Delphi IDE (temporarily). From the Component -> Install Packages menu in Delphi, de-select the IPWorks Toolkit you are using in your package. If you do not do this, when compiling, Delphi will notice a conflict and ask you to reference 'ipworks8'.

After this is done, the compiler will implicitly import the .pas files for the components you are using and use the to compile your package.

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