How does the FTP Transfer event fire?

How are the parameters fired in the FTP Transfer

Date Entered: 05/27/2000    Last Updated: 06/07/2004

event? Sometimes I only see one file from the directory. The Dirlist event is fired once for each listing in the directory. There you can examine the parameters as they come in.

The DirList events are fired when a directory listing is received as a response to a 'List Directory' or 'List Directory Long' method call.

The StartTransfer and EndTransfer events mark the beginning and end of the event stream.

The DirEntry contains the filename for the 'List Directory' action, and extended file information for the 'List Directory Long' action.

The control tries to fill out the FileName, IsDir, FileSize, and FileTime parameters when setting Action to a 'List Directory Long'. These parameters are empty when a short 'List Directory' is performed.

In Unix systems the date is given in two types of formats: If the date is in the last 12 months the exact time is specified and the year is omitted. Otherwise only the date and the year but not hours or minutes are given.

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