How do I create a timeout?

I don't see a timeout property for some controls. Can I create one?

Date Entered: 06/07/2004    Last Updated: 07/20/2000

IPWorks V6 has Timeout property for all controls in which it is applicable.

In older versions of IPWorks, we left the implementation of a timeout to the developer for greater flexibility in the programs design. A simple method of creating a timeout for one of our controls is to use code similar to the following:

Dim WithEvents timer1 As Timer
Dim WithEvents ftp1 As FTP

Private Sub Command1_Click()

    Set ftp1 = New FTP

    timer1.Interval = 100
    timer1.Enabled = True

    ...                   'Your code here

    ftp1.Action = a_Logon

    timer1.Enabled = False

End Sub

Private Sub timer1_Timer()

    ftp1.Action = a_Idle

End Sub

Setting the action to idle will immediately stop whatever action is currently happening. If the control does not stop immediately then you are attempting to stop the control during DNS resolution. If you would like to be able to top the control during DNS resolution, use the IPInfo control to resolve the DN. You can then set the server to the actual IP address of the control and attempt to connect/logon. If you do this, control of the component will always return immediately upon setting the action to idle.

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