About Licensing in Visual Basic 6 (or earlier)

I've already registered IPWorks, but the About license message dialog keeps appearing every time I set an action. What is happening?

Date Entered: 12/12/1999    Last Updated: 07/20/2000

If you're creating your instance dynamically, make sure that you're doing it with the new keyword.

Let's go through the checklist for About Box:

1. You should be able to run setup.exe smoothly and it should accept your codes.

2. You should be able to insert any new control (check about box for the version)in the form and not be shown the About Box. When pressing the About box button, your license number should appear and not "this is a test version"

3. Your applications have to be recompiled. Load the application, remove the old controls from the form(s) as well as the palette (press Ctrl/T for Project/Components and uncheck the controls from the listbox), save the project and exit VB. Delete the VB-created *.OCA and/or *.OBJ files from IPWorks subdirectory. Restart VB and insert the controls first in the palette by going to Project/Components/BROWSE then on the form. Recompile and test on another machine.

4. Set the Connected property to True or Action to something not a_Idle, this will trigger a license-check and the About box if something went wrong.

!! You should run the application on a machine where no design-time license of our controls is installed. !!!

If you still have problems, please create an empty project and insert the controls you need onto the form and email us the .EXE as well as your keys so we can check it here.

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