Distributing Plus Pack controls

I am having problems when I try to distribute

Date Entered: 06/09/1999    Last Updated: 07/20/2000

All of the controls that were included in the Plus Pack are now included in the regular IPWorks package. For a dependency free and improved version of the control, please look at the current IPWorks product.

Applications made with Plus Pack controls. The Plus Pack controls were built on top of old IPWorks controls, so you are going to encounter problems distributing the Plus Pack controls unless you also distribute the corresponding IPWorks controls upon which they have been built.

The Plus Pack has the following dependencies on the IPWorks ActiveX controls. These IPWorks ActiveX controls must be added to your installation pack when distributing your applications:

File Mailer:  SMTP, MIME, NetCode

Finger:       IPPort, NetCode

Netclock:     UDPPort, NetCode

Ping:         ICMPPort, NetCode

RCP:          RExec, RShell, NetCode

TFTPClient:   UDPPort, NetCode

TFTPServer:   UDPPort, NetCode

Traceroute:   ICMPPort, IPInfo, NetCode

WebForm:      HTTP, MIME, NetCode

Weblink:      IPDaemon, IPPort, UDPPort, NetCode

WebUpload:    MIME, HTTP, NetCode

Whois:        IPPort, NetCode

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