How can I handle a redirect in HTTP?

How can I handle a redirect in HTTP?

Date Entered: 01/11/2000    Last Updated: 04/23/2008

Version 5 of IPWorks includes a FollowRedirects property that you can use to automatically handle redirections. For example:
HTTP1.FollowRedirects = frAlways
HTTP1.Get ""
In previous versions of IPWorks: The server gives the new location in the Location header and then returns an error number 301 or 302. The http control will generate an error/exception with the text "Redirected." You should save the Location header in the Header event, handle the error/exception generated/raised by the control and request this new location.

An example in VB is shown below:

     Dim gNewURL as String

     Private Sub HTTP1_Header(Field As String, Value As String)
        If LCase(Field) = "location" Then gNewURL = Value
     End Sub

     Private Sub Command1_Click()
     On Error GoTo errhandler
        HTTP1.WinsockLoaded = True
        HTTP1.URL = ""
        HTTP1.Action = a_GetDocument
        Exit Sub
           If Err.Number = 20152 And (Left(Error, 4) = "303 " Or _
                    Left(Error, 4) = "302 ") Then
              HTTP1.URL = gNewURL 'assign new URL
              Resume   'repeat action
           End If
     End Sub

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