HTTP Request different than what IE sends

I'm trying to send an HTTP request which is failing - but the same request works fine with IE. How can I find out what is wrong and fix it?

Date Entered: 7/21/2004    Last Updated: 7/21/2004

Compare what you are sending with the HTTP component against what you send with IE. To do this, run the "tcpecho" server demo that comes with the package, and start it listening. Modify your HTTP component code to post to http://localhost:777/. Then send the IE request to "http://localhost:777". Compare the results.

If you're trying to mimic a web form post - browse to your form with IE and save the webpage to disk. Then edit that webpage and modify the action URL of the form to go to http://localhost:777/.

You can use the properties of the control (ie UserAgent) to match the IE headers, and any that the control does not provide a property for (like Accept) you can use the OtherHeaders property to add these headers (crlf separated), ie:

Http1.Otherheaders = "headerfield1: headervalue1" + crlf + "headerfield2: headervalue2"

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