Apple Pay Support

Describes how to support Apple Pay using E-Payment Integrator

Date Entered: 09/16/2014    Last Updated: 07/18/2017

Apple Pay is supported by several gateways in E-Payment Integrator.

To process a transaction using Apple Pay simply set the ApplePayData configuration setting to the Base64 encoded Apple Pay data. For instance:


Icharge icharge = new Icharge(); icharge.Gateway = IchargeGateways.gwAuthorizeNet; //Test URL icharge.GatewayURL = ""; icharge.TestMode = true; //This corresponds to the x_login field and is your API Login ID icharge.MerchantLogin = "YourLogin"; //This correspond to the x_tran_key field and is your Transaction Key value icharge.MerchantPassword = "YourPassword"; //Base64 encoded Apple Pay data icharge.Config("ApplePayData="); icharge.Sale();

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