Registration-Free COM

Instructions on generating a manifest file for Registration-Free COM

Date Entered: 09/17/2014    Last Updated: 09/17/2014

Generating a .manifest file for Registration-Free COM can be done in a variety of ways outside of the component. The following instructions will automatically create the .manifest file required for Registration-Free COM using Visual Studio.

This example uses the HTTP control from IPWorks ActiveX Edition.

From within Visual Studio:

  1. Create a new C# Windows Form application called "COMTest".
  2. Register the COM control, using the register.bat file included in the "lib" folder of the product installation or using the command:
    > regsvr32.exe /s http90.ocx
  3. Right-click the Toolbox and select "Choose Items...", then add the COM component (HTTP) to the Toolbox.
  4. Drag the component from the Toolbox to the Form. You will find two DLLs are generated for the project: AxHttpLib and HttpLib.
  5. Select one of the DLLs. In the Property Dialog, set the "Isolated" property to "true".
  6. Add a button and add the following code to the button_click function: this.axHTTP1.AboutBox();
  7. Run the project. The COMText.exeManifest file will be generated. This allows the application to run even when the component is not registered.

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