About Licensing OCX in HTML pages

I have written an HTML page using one of your OCX's but my users get the About Box when loading the page with Internet Explorer.

Date Entered: 09/22/1997    Last Updated: 06/07/2004

In order to license the ActiveX components in Internet Explorer, you must use Microsoft's LPK tool. The lpk file must be named license.lpk.

If you need a working sample to get you started, email support.

The ActiveX components of IPWorks implement the ActiveX Control Licensing Mechanism. To distribute runtime-licensed controls over the Web, you must generate the appropriate runtime license file (LPK file) and include it with your Web page; otherwise, the controls will not display on users' machines, even after they are downloaded and installed. Only people with a valid developer license for a given control can generate a runtime license for that control. For detailed instructions on including runtime-licensed controls in your Web pages, refer to the "Licensing ActiveX Controls" section of the ActiveX Software Development Kit (SDK). You can download the ActiveX SDK from http://www.microsoft.com/. The following excerpt from the SDK documentation provides the basic information for distributing runtime-licensed controls in a Web page:

"License packages must be inserted in HTML files using the existing <OBJECT> tag (element). The license package is interpreted by a License Manager object that is used to hand licenses to other Controls on the HTML page. The license package object must be embedded in the HTML page before any other objects that require licensing. The specific syntax for embedding license packages in HTML is as follows:

     <OBJECT CLASSID = "clsid:5220cb21-c88d-11cf-b347-00aa00a28331">

     <PARAM NAME="LPKPath" VALUE="relative URL to .LPK file">


Note: Internet Explorer 3.0 will only honor the first license package in an HTML page. If controls on this page require licenses that are not included in this license package, they will fail to instantiate."

The ActiveX SDK includes a utility (LPK_TOOL.EXE) that will automatically generate the LPK file for you.

for more information please refer to http://www.microsoft.com/workshop/components/activex/licensing.htm

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