Limiting features provided in the ASP Edition

How do I restrict the capabilities of IPWorks ASP so that my users cannot create potentially dangerous applications with your components?

Date Entered: 10/5/2001    Last Updated: 10/5/2001

This version has unique new features that allow fine-grained administrative control of the capabilities of the included controls.

This was a much requested feature by our ISP and ASP customers that wanted a good way to control the features and resource limits of the controls installed on their servers.

With V5, you can simply place an "ipwasp5.ini" file with configuration information in the same directory where the "ipwasp5.dll" file is deployed, and the library will automatically configure itself at startup based on the security entries in the .ini file. Here is an example:

    ; disable a control
    ; disable specific actions
    ; disable specific methods
    ; disable specific properties (no read, no write)
    ReadOnlyProperties=NewsServer, NewsPort
    ; set boundaries for properties
    ; set default values for properties (in this case NewsServer
    ; is locked to "news" (the name of the local news server)

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