ICMPPort does not recieveType 8 ('ping' request) packets

I am using ICMPPort to receive type 8 'ping' request packets, but I do not receive the packets when a ping is issued to me. I can issue a successful ping and receive the type 0 'ping' reply, however.

Date Entered: 10/5/2001    Last Updated: 10/5/2001

We have done some extensive testing and research and we have determined that this problem is a fault with Windows/Winsock. Apparently, Winsock blocks all Type 8 ICMP packets, but passes all other packets through to any socket that can handle ICMP, which is why our controls can receive Type 0 ICMP echo replies, but cannot receive the Type 8 echo request. We have not been able to find any workarounds for this problem.

In short, on Windows machines, ICMPPort can only be used as a server to receive any ICMP packet that is not of Type 8.

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