Retrieving data through the transfer event takes too long in VB.

When I try to accumulate data through the transfer event of your objects in Visual Basic, it seems to take a long time. What is wrong?

Date Entered: 10/5/2001    Last Updated: 10/5/2001

This is not a problem with the IPWorks package at all. It's actually a problem with how VB handles string concatenation.

When doing a few string operations like this:

     strString = strString & Text

The performance isn't noticeable. However, appending a lot of strings in a loop, or in this case the transfer event, takes a significant amount of time.

There are many articles about this and many possible solutions. One solution would be to use the transferred data properties of the object to buffer data for you. They do this much more efficiently internally. Another solution would be a string class that buffered strings faster. For an article that is related to this you can take a look here:

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