How do I authenticate through an NTLM proxy?

I am unsuccessful when using your controls to authenticate through my NTLM proxy. How do I go about doing this?

Date Entered: 11/1/2001    Last Updated: 06/14/2004

Yes, NTLM is supported via the AuthScheme or AuthMechanism property of all components that are HTTP or email related. Simply set this property to NTLM and then set the User and Password properties accordingly.

In previous versions, NTLM proxy support was only available with the IPWorks SSL packages through the use of the UseWininet property or the UseWinInet config setting (whichever applies to your version of the product). By default, wininet is not used, so to support NTLM in these previous versions of the product you'll need to set UseWinInet to true.

After setting UseWinInet you need to pass a valid Username and Password to authenticate to the proxy server via the ProxyServer Property.

HTTPS1.ProxyServer = "*" & ProxyUsername & "*" & ProxyPassword

After doing this you can issue HTTP/S methods normally and you should be able to pass through the NTLM Proxy.

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