Viaklix Gateway

Viaklix offers me 3 pieces of account information:

merchant_id, ssl_pin, and user_id. How do I assign these to the ICharge component?

Date Entered: 11/24/2004    Last Updated: 11/24/2004

ssl_merchant_id maps to the MerchantId property.

ssl_merchant_pin maps to the MerchantPassword property.

Viaklix labels their setup properties in a confusing way. You have a Login and Password for your merchant interface, and then a merchant number and several other values. The Login for the merchant interface should be set to the MerchantId property, and the pin should be set to the MerchantPassword property. They may also give you an ssl_user_id, which should be added with the AddSpecialField method.

So, you'll have the following code:

icharge1.MerchantLogin = "111111" ' maps to ssl_merchant_id
icharge1.MerchantPassword = "QWERTY" ' maps to ssl_pin
icharge1.AddSpecialField("ssl_user_id", "demo1") ' if supplied

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