Optimal Gateway

How do I use the Optimal gateway with E-Payment Integrator? They've given me a "merchantId", "merchantPwd", and "account".

Date Entered: 11/29/2004    Last Updated: 11/29/2004

The "merchantId" maps to the MerchantLogin property. The "merchantPwd" maps to the MerchantPassword property.

The "account" gets added with the AddSpecialField method:

ICharge1.MerchantLogin = "testlogin"
ICharge1.MerchantPassword = "testpass"
ICharge1.AddSpecialField "account", "1234567890"

Credits and Voids:

The fields "settleNumber" and "origMerchantTxn" must be added with AddSpecialField before calling Credit. "settleNumber" is also required for VoidTransaction. The field "origMerchantTxn" corresponds to the InvoiceNumber property from the original authorization. The "settleNumber" must be manually parsed from the ResponseData property after a successful Capture.

Here is a sample response showing the settleNumber:


settleNumber is only needed when voiding or crediting transactions.

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