Can I use an SSH identity file for authentication?

You can set the SSHCert property and Public Key authentication to use an identity file for authentication.

Date Entered: 12/01/2014    Last Updated: 12/01/2014

It is possible to use an identity file (as relates to the "-i" parameter for the Mac SSH tool) within our SSH-enabled components for authentication.

To do so, you'll need to create, or already have, the public and private key pair. You'll need to make sure that the public key is included on the server. From there you would use code similar to the following to authenticate, using the private key file:

Sshclient client = new Sshclient(); client.SSHAuthMode = SshclientSSHAuthModes.amPublicKey; client.SSHCert = new Certificate(); client.SSHCert.StoreType = CertStoreTypes.cstPEMKeyFile; client.SSHCert.Store = @"C:\Users\Joe\user-ca-key.pem"; client.SSHCert.StorePassword = "keyPassword"; client.SSHCert.Subject = "*"; client.SSHUser = "root"; client.SSHLogon([serverIP], [serverPort]); //perform actions here client.SSHLogoff();

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