PayFuse Gateway

How do I use the PayFuse gateway?

Date Entered: 12/13/2004    Last Updated: 12/13/2004

As usual, your UserId and Passwords will match to the MerchantLogin and MerchantPassword properties. Your Alias will be added via the Config methods "MerchantAlias" setting.

The TransactionAmount must be submitted as the number of cents without a decimal point. For example, a dollar value of "1.00" would equate to "100" for this gateway.

The TransactionId property must also be explicitly set before the initial authorization, and that value must be used to modify that transaction rather than the value returned in the esponseTransactionId property.

ICharge1.Gateway = gwPayFuse
ICharge1.GatewayURL = ""
ICharge1.MerchantLogin = "YOURLOGIN"
ICharge1.MerchantPassword = "YOURPASS"
ICharge1.Config "MerchantAlias=YOURALIAS"
ICharge1.Config "PayFuseTestMode=Y"

ICharge1.CardNumber = "4111111111111111"
ICharge1.CardExpMonth = "01"
ICharge1.CardExpYear = "06"
ICharge1.CardCVV2Data = "345"
ICharge1.CustomerFirstName = "TSE"
ICharge1.CustomerLastName = "Auth Test"
ICharge1.CustomerAddress = "Metric"
ICharge1.CustomerCity = "Austin"
ICharge1.CustomerState = "TX"
ICharge1.CustomerZip = "78758"
ICharge1.CustomerCountry = "840"
ICharge1.TransactionAmount = "1.00"

ICharge1.TransactionId = transId

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