I get 606 Could not start QuickBooks in Vista

QuickBooks has particular requirements for connecting in Vista

Date Entered: 12/13/2007    Last Updated: 12/13/2007

First, open QuickBooks directly. From the Edit->Preferences menu select Integrated Applications. From there, remove the existing applications listed. Then, with QuickBooks still open try running your code. QuickBooks should pop up to confirm with you that you're granting access to the connecting application. After you grant access, close QuickBooks and try to run your code again.

Note that currently, the only release of QuickBooks supported on Windows Vista is QuickBooks 2007 or 2008. However, in order for integrated applications to work with QuickBooks, the latest service updates must be applied to QuickBooks 2007 (at least the R5 patch). In addition, UAC must be turned on and neither QuickBooks nor the connecting application must be run under elevated permissions as "Administrator". Intuit has published this on their website at http://developer.intuit.com/developer/newsletter.asp?id=504.

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