SMTP Authentication (per RFC 2554)

I am trying to connect to an SMTP server that requires authentication.

Date Entered: 12/14/2000    Last Updated: 06/04/2004

Version 6 of IPWorks supports Basic and CRAM-MD5 SMTP Authentication through its AuthMechanism, User and Password properties. Simply fill these out with the appropriate value and proceed with your connection to the server.

SMTP1.AuthMechanism = 0 'amUserPassword or BASIC SMTP1.User = "username" SMTP1.Password = "password"

How would I do this with a previous version of IPWorks?

Send the following commands to the server:

  SMTP1.Command = "AUTH LOGIN"
  SMTP1.Command = "base64-encoded-username"
  SMTP1.Command = "base64-encoded-password"

You can use the NetCode Control to do the base64 encoding.

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