Error: Non Authoritative Host not found

I get an error: 'Non Authoritative Host not found' when trying to use your controls.

Date Entered: 12/14/2000    Last Updated: 12/14/2000

This means that some or all of the DNS servers which were queried along the way did not respond within the time out. The 'host not found' error comes not because it was not in the directory but because some server didn't respond. The error "host not found" is thus non authoritative. Please make sure the host name is recognized, or provide an ip address instead.

The system works like the directory system: you query the operator, he asks somebody else if it is out of town and maybe a third one if that's an international number.

Short solution: try a second time, maybe Winsock didn't wait long enough. If problems remain, there may be a problem with the internet connection, the actual winsock being used, etc.

We see similar problems when more than on winsock is installed on the system, and you pick the wrong one. Some ISP's supply a secondary winsock that may cause similar problem.

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