My certificate won't work!

When I try to use my certificate, I get an error, "[0x800b010f] The certificate's CN name does not match the passed value"

Date Entered: 12/14/2000    Last Updated: 06/14/2004

The message is because the by default the control tries to match the value of "RemoteHost" with the CN of the certificate. So if the CN of the certificate is not the same - this error occur.

You can turn this off by setting the SSLSecurityFlags config option to ignore the non-matching CN. Please see the documentation for more details.

Also, you can ignore any problems by setting the Accept parameter to True in the SSLServerAuthentication event. (Please note that you are responsible for determining that you are accessing the correct server at that point. In a production environment, you should either use a real server certificate, or verify that the server submits the email certificate you supplied to it)

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