Using the AmazonRequest component with Polly

The AmazonRequest component can be used to interact with Amazon's Polly (TTS) service.

Date Entered: 12/22/2016    Last Updated: 12/22/2016

The AmazonRequest component provides a generic way to interact with Amazon's Web Services. One of the available services is Polly, a Text To Speech service.

Generally, Amazon's API documentation for each individual service would need to be referenced to find the appropriate settings for the component. In this case, an example of using the AmazonRequest component to interact with Polly is as follows:

AmazonRequest = new Amazonrequest(); AmazonRequest.AccessKey = ACCESS_KEY; AmazonRequest.SecretKey = SECRET_KEY; AmazonRequest.Config("SignatureVersion=4"); AmazonRequest.APIVersion = "2009-07-15"; AmazonRequest.Config("ServiceName=polly"); AmazonRequest.Get(""); Console.WriteLine(AmazonRequest.TransferredData);

The request syntax to synthesize speech is defined here. Note that since the request is expected to be JSON formatted, it will need to be built manually and assigned to the PostData property.

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