.Net Single Server License on Shared Host Fails

I own a single server license, but my hosting server will not allow me to install the license on the server. How can I get this product licensed in that situation? I keep getting the error:

This system contains a license for [MYPRODUCT] that has been installed but not activated. You must run setup in order to activate the license on this system [code: I nodeid: MYNODEID].
If you have already purchased a license for this server, please click here for installation instructions.

Date Entered: 12/27/2004    Last Updated: 12/27/2004

In the error message above, "click here" is a link. Click on that link. It will take you back to the activation page where you can download a keys.reg file using the NODE ID of your server (also provided in the error message). Take this keys.reg file and rename it to the name of your dll, except with an lic extension, ie "nsoftware.ibizpay.lic". Copy this .lic file to your web application bin folder when you deploy, and this will handle the licensing for you.

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